The Veil

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

There are so many gorgeous styling options to consider when you are shopping for your wedding accessories.. Let's take a look at a few stunning veil options to help you craft your signature style.

The Veil

There is something so ethereal about the way the light illuminates a veil. This classic veil style is typically available in two standard fabric options - silk or polyester illusion tulle. Both are so beautiful.

The Silk Tulle Veil

Silk tulle is heavier than polyester illusion tulle. It has a gorgeous and dramatic drape that clings closely to your skin. It is also made from silk so a more expensive option. This fabric is sturdier than polyester and you can steam this without fear of burning this easily.

The Classic Polyester Illusion Tulle Veil

Polyester illusion tulle is pretty much the industry go-to fabric. It is lighter, more affordable, and not as opaque as silk tulle. Be very careful when steaming this fabric as you can very easily burn or warp polyester tulle if you touch it with an iron.

The Lace Veil

A lace trimmed veil is a great way to mirror the lace pattern in your dress or add texture to a simple dress. Lace veils are a stunning way to complete your look. Lace designs and pricing varies greatly based on how and where the lace is created. We work exclusively with an artisan-crafted French lace house from Caudry, France.

The Cage Veil

This petite veil option is available in fabric such as silk tulle, illusion tulle, or English, Russian, or French netting. My advice for wearing this style is to place the comb or clip off to one side of the crown of your head and let the netting sweep across your face at an angle.

The Bandeau Veil

This is the sassier of the veil options. It is a sleek and styled version of the cage veil. It is available in tulle, lace, or netting. This style is worn across your eyes and fastened above or just behind the ear.

Non-Veil Options

If a veil doesn't feel like your vibe,

here are a few stunning non-veil styles that will complete your look:

Lace Cap, Headband, Comb, Tiara, Hairpins, or Vine

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