Poeme Circlet

Distinctive accessories are a departure from the expected and an opportunity to demonstrate your unique sense of style. Distinctive doesn't have to be over-the-top, it can be illustrated in the most delicate of details.

I love all of the options to style the 14k gold plated "Poeme" butterfly circlet. You can weave it into a braid, wrap it around a chignon, or across your forehead. It is a delicate and memorable look. Shop this look >>

Featured on Cosmopolitan...

"27 Photos That Prove You've Been Wearing Jewelry Wrong All Your Life"

Poeme Circlet

Poeme Circlet

PHOTO DETAILS: Photography LAURA GORDON @lauragordon; Hairstylist NIKKI AVANZINO @nikkiavanzino; Makeup Artist ASHLEE GLAZER @ashleeglazer; Gown SAMUELLE COUTURE @samuellecouture; Model NATALIA WOWCZYKO; Location LYNDHURST CASTLE @lyndhurst_mansion

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