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Updated: Dec 18, 2020

It is time to start shopping for your dream wedding look with an accessories and apparel budget larger than you have most likely ever spent before. A little research, a realistic budget, and a styling plan will help you properly plan for your dream look.

Styling Inspiration Board

Pinterest is a great place to create a styling board so that you can reference designs you are interested in and gradually edit down your favorite pieces. You can make a private board so that your look is under wraps until your wedding day.

There are literally thousands of pretty wedding things available for you to choose from. Researching your favorite bridal designs in advance will help you avoid a wedding style proximity crush once you step into the first bridal shop. What is a wedding style proximity crush you ask? It is simply the nearest pretty thing you see and it may or may not go with your budget or styling plan. Making a plan in advance will help keep you focused on your styling goals.

Make a Budget

It is common to head to the store with your total budget in mind for your dress but without adding room for your accessories, headpiece, and veil. This can leave you in a position to stretch your budget to add on everything you had imagined for your complete look.

Be realistic about your budget. You may or may not be able to have everything you want, so you may want to prioritize before you begin shopping. What designs do you want in your look and how much will they cost? A little advance research will help you plan and avoid unexpected costs.

Example Wedding Look Shopping List

$ Gown

$ Alterations

$ Undergarments

$ Shoes

$ Hair Accessory

$ Veil

$ Jewelry: Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet

= $ Total Budget

Shopping Prep

Wear the same style of undergarments that you plan to wear under your gown and style your hair similar to how to would like your wedding day hair to look. Both will change how you see your gown silhouette. It will also be helpful to have a similar hairstyle so that you can see a clear picture of how everything looks together when trying on veils and hair accessories.

The Edit

Every great styling project has a good edit. What are the styles you really want and what pieces can you walk away from? What pieces are you willing to splurge on? Planning ahead will help you prepare before you head out to shop.

Enjoy every moment styling your wedding look and never lose sight that your wedding is all about love.

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