Liv Hart XSophie Hallette

The Liv Hart with Sophie Hallette Collection features delicate hand-loomed Parisian laces from their 120-year-old lace patterns. Included in our collection is the exact lace pattern from the Kate Middleton/Alexander McQueen royal wedding gown. Liv Hart has been commissioned by Sophie Hallette CEO Romain Lescroart to create a couture accessories collection using this very special  Leaver's lace pattern.  

"The classic beauty of lace is a natural match for exceptional design, especially when it is resolutely modern in style, as exemplified in the special collection of accessories created by Liv Hart. We love the delicacy of her work, the exquisite attention to detail, demonstrating a woman's touch. Our lace and Liv's creations share the same commitment to timeless elegance." 


Romain Lescroart, CEO Sophie Hallette 


Photography Laura Gordon